Top 4 Ways to Style Hair Scarfs

1) Top Knots Of Course! 

The best way to show off a hair scarf is with the iconic top knot style. Just tie it around the bun and let the ends hang loose. It’s effortless yet so chic. 

2) The Low Pony

This works best on second day hair, add a bit of dry shampoo for volume, and tie your hair at the nape of neck with a patterned scarf! Sultry yet stunning! 

3) Classy yet Confident 

There’s really no better way to wear a hair scarf than this classic headband look! You can take the extra step and add some wave to your hair for extra oomph! Classy yet confident. You can thank me later! 

4) Braided Dreams

Who doesn’t love an intricate braid!? Easily get the look by styling it up with a scarf intertwined leave some pieces out in the front to frame the face and you will have everyone turning heads!