Get to know us.

Who we are.

Every one of us has a story and our style expresses what we've lived through. Chloe Bixby is a place where you can relate to every girl around you. Each product is hand selected with a moment... from your first kiss, to going on roadtrips with your best friends. We know what its like to want to show the world who you are. 




How we do it.

On average, traditional luxury brands and retailers mark their products up to 6-8x.

We took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our pieces are made with the same top quality materials as other brands’. But our overhead is much lower, in return we pass these savings on to you babes.




 The dream team.

 Estephany & Justin are two content creators and social media influencers born and raised in Arizona. Together, they have built the perfect team. They travel, create, and grow as a couple every day. Estephany is a full time photographer and writer and  Justin is a full time DJ/Music producer. The couple both share a love for all things design, marketing and fashion. True entrepreneurs at heart, together they have created Chloe Bixby in hopes to establish a brand and company that is based on self love and creating unforgettable moments. They know how important it is to express love and creativity through style and want to bring you their absolute favorite eyewear products for any time of the year.